Friday, April 5, 2013

RNC Celebrates Women's History
Sharon Day, Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee led a celebration of Women's History Month last night at the Capitol Hill Club with young Congressional staffers and Republican women in the DC metro area.  In her talk she emphasized the importance on networking and the gathering was a good place to start that process.  Ms. Day also declared that women are not looking for outreach from the Party, but a Partnership with the organization that will implement a cooperative, concerted effort to persuade and bring more women in to the body  and into leadership roles.  Women are 53% of the electorate--equal is the least they should be. 
 Ms. Day began a tradition of honoring  Trailblazers among Republican Women for their accomplishments within and on behalf of the party and it's ideals.  Mary Louise Stewart from Iowa was the first and only woman Chair of the RNC. An award in her name went to American Samoan Amata Radewagen.
Jean Kirkpatrick, who switched from Democrat to Republican during the Reagan presidency, was the first woman to be the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.  An Award in her name went to Riva Litman, who as a staffer for Representative Cathy Mc Morris Rodgers, works in the U.S. Congress on Women's interests and status. 
The Susan B. Anthony Award went to a descendant of hers, Robin Reed, who has carried on Ms Anthony's crusade of expanding women's rights and participation in the political process.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Google & Obama

Psychologist Robert Epstein had a problem with Google over an article he posted that led him to think perhaps Google has too much power.  He conducted a series of experiments that led him to the conclusion that the search engine could possibly-even probably influence elections.  Well No Duh, Robert.  As I read this article over three pages I saw Barak Obama's face multiple times--that's a WaPo decision. As for Google--what about its residence in the White House itself and what is the relationship between those Google ex-executives and the multi-million person database Obama has with up to 80 data points per individual? At what point did this nation decided that the White House should have detailed information on American citizens and what more will the Democrats get with Obamacare, which for the first time will mandate that the IRS share information across the government-something that has been strictly prohibited up to the "total transformation of America" as proscribed by Obama?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Introductory remarks or I woulda said if I coulda

WOMEN VOTE REPUBLICAN Welcome and thank you for coming. My name is Linda Bartlett and Susan Allen and I started talking about having this function last April. First I want to thank Lindsay Bomar and Anne Erickson for their skill in organizing functions. The American Tap Room staff, especially Frank Mitolo and Donna Giarratana. Also Therese Antonio for help with publicity, and Violeta Warner our unofficial photographer. Our purpose today is to say “Yes, Virginia, Women Vote Republican and we have outstanding examples of why we do here today. I was at a meeting last week with Anita Moncrief, the young black woman who blew the whistle on ACORN. In announcing this meeting I said “the thing I detest most about the Democrat party is their identity politics-and I heard Ms Moncrief emphatically agree. She’s been there and she knows how degrading it is. But sometimes you have to play on the enemy’s field in order to have a chance of winning—so this is our push back against the myth that all women vote for the left. The Daily show sent a person to the dem convention to report on just how “inclusive” the modern democrat party is. He talked to ordinary conventioneers and all said exactly the same thing—“We are big tent, inclusive, welcome everyone---well, except, the gun toting red necks, to which the reporter said-yeah we don’t need that 150 million, we don’t want those Republican science illiterates—somewhere here is BJ Bluth, who retired from NASA just before Obama retired NASA itself—no science there—we don’t want those crazy Evangelicals who have never read the Bible-the reporter said Oh they read the Bible—no they don’t she said-the woman apparently believes Republicans can’t read, we don’t want any corporate thieves-would we be talking Solyndra? and of course, they said we don’t want any of those people from Tampa coming around. The Daily show audience laughed-that’s their job after all—but the level of ignorance, and prejudice was astonishing and if you believe the principle that people vote for those who seem most like themselves or who mirror their aspirations then we are talking about the kind of people currently in charge of this nation. It was after all Barak Obama who said “we will reward our friends (and indeed he has to the tune of 1 trillion $-and we will punish our enemies. The first president in history to publicly disparage over 40% of the citizens he took an oath to protect and defend. Fortunately for our side, we have here today representatives of all those groups the dems don’t like—literate, leaders in business, technology, science and government, women who are influential and leaders in their communities and beyond. We’re not taking off our bras-we’re taking off the gloves. Most political advisers believe women will be the difference in this election-I agree and that is our job for the next 45 days. And we have help-some of whom you will hear in our program today that features George and Susan Allen, Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler, (Myra Beerman), Congressman Frank Wolf and wife Carolyn, Delegate Barbara Comstock, and Victory personified Pete Snyder. First up is Miki Miller, president of the VA Fed of Republican Women-the largest political organization in the Commonwealth and is also part of the NFRW which is one of the largest in the country. She is from Chesapeake and she is a political force there and in the 4th CD. She travels constantly visiting the 68 clubs in VA and she is going to tell us what she has observed of women’s political involvement since her election in April. Following Miki is Pete Snyder was appointed by Governor McDonnell to head Virginia Victory. He is an accomplished and successful business man, who through his endeavors has created many jobs in the Commonwealth. He is also constantly on the road bringing inspiration and money to every part of Virginia in our collective effort to turn this nation around.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Restore America

Scott Brown, running for re-election to the Senate in Massachusetts and against someone who is to the left of Obama, if that's possible, has put together a brilliant video. It's a little long but well worth watching.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Conservatives on Obamacare

Surprisingly the WashPost has three Conservative articles on Obamacare in the 1 July Sunday paper. They present an important perspective outside all the yelling on both sides of the debate.
First, Kathleen Parker says< "Obama won the day almost by accident," but not the way he anticipated winning--or losing for that matter. ( By effectively shutting down the expansion of the Commerce Clause, and validating the law as a tax, Obama may have bragging rights for the near term, but will have to defend his signature achievement knowing that if he, Pelosi,and Reid had campaigned on the measure as a new and huge tax with 21 separate components it would not have passed. One of those is a tax on the employee who has health coverage which is deemed to be too good. This would apply to many unionized employees if they had not already gotten a waiver from participating in Obamacare. This then brings up the concept of equal treatment before the law, which this statute decimates. And since Wisconsin brought union goodies to the forefront, this will be an easy argument to make.
Georgetown University Constitutional Law Professor Randy Barnett agrees with the assessment of the Commerce Clause and the issue of taxation. He says that Conservatives may have lost, but the Constitution and therefore the future of limited government won. (
Much has been said about the motivations of Chief Justice Roberts-all of which is blather since, like the punditized outcome, no one can really know. But, if only part of Robert's decision was to avoid a continuing controversy like Roe v Wade, then I think he succeeded on that point. Keeping in mind that the left would not maintain a protest once a year in front of the Court, but would rather burn the place down, we all dodged a literal bullet in that sense. Plus, political campaigns can never be structured around the expansion or contraction of the Commerce Clause, but are almost always waged and most often won on limiting the power of Congress to tax.
Charles Lane calls the decision the "Compromise of 2012, and in that he may be correct. ( The constitutional way to defeat both Obama and his abomination of a health care law is at the ballot box, not with bricks though a Starbucks window or camping out in city parks.
Many on the right say Democrats cannot win on the issues, so they must demonize their opponents, and that will ratchet up big time this summer. Not to overdue on the right side, the Post's ombudsman twisted himself in knots over their previous article on Romney and Bain. Nevertheless, whichever side you come down on the decision, unless you want more of this most lawless and destructive administration, you must vote for Romney. Those who have declared they will not vote are actually voting for Obama because his entire strategy is voter suppression of the opposition.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Obama's War on Women

This is an op. ed. written by former Loudoun County, VA Senate candidate Patricia Phillips. In 2004 Elinor Burkett published "So Many Enemies, So Little Time: An American Woman in All the Wrong Places" ( asked the question "where are all the feminists and why are they not supporting President Bush and Laura Bush as they tried to un-enslave Afghan women?" Burkett describes herself as a life-long feminist and part of the NOW crowd. Since she had seen the deplorable condition of many women in that area, championing any effort to alleviate those conditions was a no-brainer. The feminist retreat on women's rights started with Clinton's Monica when he broke the very law against sex in the work place that he had signed to much bally-hoo not long before. It continues to this day because Gloria Steinam et al were never so serious that they could abandon the Democrat party over little things like public be-headings for accused adultery. Now as then, the War on Women is being waged by Democrats.

On May Day, 2012, President Barrack Obama announced the reopening of the real War on Women. The President’s “New Chapter” in Afghanistan will surrender the women of Afghanistan to the atrocities of the Taliban. That is the bottom line in President Obama’s reiteration that the United States will finish withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan by 2014 regardless of the conditions on the ground.

Sure enough, hours after Obama left the country, the Taliban took credit for a suicide car bomb that killed 7 and injured 17, mostly children on their way to school. Are we so self-centered, so easily wearied from the arduous and difficult task in Afghanistan, that we will turn a blind eye to the slave-like treatment of 50% of the population - women and girls – under the Taliban? Because that is exactly what the US capitulation will do.

Following the 9-11 attack, in 2001 United States waged war against the Taliban-run government of Afghanistan because the Taliban refused to break with Usama bin Laden’s al-Qaida. Once we became involved in Afghanistan, the full horror of the Taliban’s oppression became clear. Like the Holocaust in World War II, once we had boots on the ground, the truth and extent of the Taliban’s atrocities to their own people, and especially women, became undeniable.

Women will be completely oppressed, once again. Girls’ schools will be closed. The Taliban are so determined that girls should not learn how to read or write that they will violently attack the schools if they do not close “voluntarily”. They would rather kill girls than let them go to school. Women who don’t “choose” to wear the veil will risk having acid thrown in their faces, at best disfiguring them but likely blinding them for life. The choice to earn a living or choose a career will once again become only a dream, while the reality of their situation an unending nightmare. The void of music and dancing are insignificant compared to the truly slave-like existence they will live.

When we learned Elizabeth Smart had been abducted and hidden away, to be raped repeatedly, the nation was appalled, and her abductor was sentence to life in prison for his crimes. Yet we are neglectfully abandoning the entire female population of Afghanistan to a lifetime of Smart’s ordeal, by leaving the country ill-equipped to keep the Taliban at bay.

In the past decade, despite suffering numerous defeats on the battlefield, the Taliban has not moderated. It remains a dominant force in Afghanistan devoted to restoring an absolute rule that allows no opposition. It is waiting for our President’s self-imposed deadline to pass. Absent the United States, it will become the predominant force again. No matter what our President hopes will change, the Taliban’s gross mistreatment of women is part of its radical ideology and is unmovable.

The President is keeping a campaign promise he made to his base of supporters in 2008. The women of Afghanistan will pay for Obama’s promise in blood and tears. And we will pay again later, in the same currency.

I’m no expert in foreign affairs. This is just common sense based on what is known on the surface. I can’t remain silent and let this go by with comment.


Patricia Phillips